Monday, June 30, 2008

The Housecleaning Continues

I'm cutting loose of baggage and it feels good. I could write a 70s ballad using those words I think. Probably not.

I finally put a fork in VLDB and DCIS and they are gone. I was so tired of dragging those around for no good reason whatsoever. I created a burden and have learned to let it go. I'm on fire now. Some domains I have registered will be let go as well. Tired of dragging them along (and paying) for no reason. Time is too short to spend on that crap. My site is gone. I will keep as long as it takes me to find a suitable family/group secured but shared calendar, document and list sharing site that doesn't cost too much. Once that's taken care of, I will only have two domains to maintain: and VBlife may only survive until it expires next year, I'll have to wait and see. Harmonixx is going well so I plan on keeping it going for now. A lot will depend on the economy and so forth.
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