Saturday, June 14, 2008

Father's Day

I'm a simple person. My kids go insane every year because whenever they ask what I want for a present (Christmas, birthday, Father's Day) I say the same thing: Nothing. Then I typically follow that up with a wishlist:
  • A day of peace and quiet, clean rooms, laundry put away, no chores to do.
  • A hug from each kid (and yes, the wife too)
  • An hour to take a nap with my dog on the couch
  • Something to eat
It never works. They always beat themselves up and buy something instead. I really would be happier with the four items above.
Tomorrow will be a little busier than my typical Father's Days since it will also be the final team picnic for Zach's baseball team. At least it will be short, so I can drop in, hang out and head out with plenty of day left to enjoy at home.
On a sidenote: The newest Alltel commercial is hilarious. But I wonder how they will change now that Verizon is buying them. Hmmm.
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