Sunday, January 13, 2008

Quiz: Macho or Not

After semi-watching some of the NFL playoffs (while doing chores around the house), I decided during halftime to surf other channels to see what was on. Figure skating was on, which is typical during football season for some odd reason. Then it dawned on me:

Why is it considered macho to watch an all-male sport, where the muscle-bound guys (on roids undoubtedly), in tight-fitting spandex pants, using terms like "man-on-man coverage", "tight-end", and "shooting through the hole" are common. Yet, watching hot looking chicks in short see-through skirts, jumping in the air doing splits, is considered anti-macho. Very odd. Another social oddity that I will never understand. I really don't understand why guys want to watch other guys instead of girls. Even worse, these guys wear spandex! I dare anyone to rationalize this in favor of it making sense.
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