Tuesday, December 25, 2007

F**k iTunes!!!

If you are a parent and you've given your kid (in my case, one or more of my kids - note the plural) a shiney new iPod, guess what?

It's Christmas Day. Do you know what that means boys and girls? It's national "iTunes Store is Down" day! Oh goody! Yes, forget trying to register your new iPod, because it just keeps spitting back "iTunes store is unavailable, please try again later"

And even more exciting is how you can't copy anything to your new iPod until you've registered it, which requires (guess what?): A credit card!

That makes perfect sense doesn't it? You give an iPod to an 8 year old (if you think that's too young for a PMP like an iPod, you're way out of touch with reality), and they can't use it until someone enters a credit card. That's assinine! I have a complete library of MY OWN content which cannot be used until I enter a credit card number. Why even include a feature for ripping your CD collections into iTunes if you can't do anything with them (on your iPod) until you hand your credit card number over to Apple?
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